What is quantitative MRI, and why does it matter?

This post is going to be a gentle introduction to MRI, which is a type of brain imaging and my current focus of research.  I’m planning a future post or two about my research, so I thought I’d provide a little background for people who don’t know much, if anything, about MRI.  I am by … Continue reading What is quantitative MRI, and why does it matter?

10 reasons to switch to ggplot

Making plots is a necessary and useful task for anyone who works with data. While making the standard plots is a pretty straightforward task in most statistical programming languagues, including R, when it comes to using R‘s base graphics to make custom plots (the plots you actually want to make) things can get complicated. As … Continue reading 10 reasons to switch to ggplot

Hello World

Welcome to my new blog!  To see some other great Hopkins biostat blogs, check out students Alyssa Frazee, Jean-Philippe Fortin, Leonardo Collado Torres, Elizabeth Sweeney, and John Muschelli, and of course the ultimate biostat blog, Simply Statistics. And stay tuned for the upcoming Bmore Biostats, a collection of Hopkins biostat student blogs!